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Amy Annamunthodo
Born in Trinidad and Tobago
4 years
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Nicole Lewis Any Knows! September 23, 2020
Thinking about you lady bug! I will always write to you! 
Nicole Lewis Amy Emily Knows June 8, 2019
hugs kisses thinking so much of you ! 
Nicole Lewis Amy Knows October 27, 2018
just stopped in to let you know not a day goes by you aren’t on my mind! 
Nicole Lewis Amy knows January 17, 2018
Hi sweetheart just stopping by to show you some love. Please know that I will never forget about you ever! I will always come here to see you and write to you! 
alex ever so dearest January 11, 2016

i do a lot of research on cases as i find it fascinating, but yours struck me to my very core. sweet precious angel, you were much too young to see the evils of this world. i did not know you, but i hurt so so much. i love you. its unfathomable, it fills me with so much grief, but you are in a much better place now. may you live blissfully in the halcyons. 

Nicole Lewis Amy Knows June 3, 2015
thinking of you! 
Nicole Lewis Hugs and kisses February 22, 2015
wassup baby girl just thinking of you this morning... Just wanted to stop in and say hi! 
Nicole Lewis Emily Knows August 19, 2014
Hey baby girl. Thinking of you! 
Laquita Heart hurting July 5, 2014
My heart is hurting what this little angel Amy went thru. She never experienced love just torture. Lord help Im angry because the mom let this happen. Just to be with a piece of man. She should have to pay because she should have protected her child. They should have never released this baby back to the mother and grandmother if the stepfather was still around. Rip Amy I wished you were my child this wouldnt be. So glad you are in a loving fathers arm now.
Angie Irizarry Rest in paradise June 20, 2014
Now that your an angel protect the innocent babies from this horrible abuse. We love you.
latanya coward To the Concrete Angel June 19, 2014
I must say my heart is saddened at the story and video I just saw I am glad you are resting in peace with God....I am so sorry you had to go through this torture I will never understand except for its because of the heart and evilness of people!  Thank you God for rescuing little Amy Emily......your concrete Angel who has now earned her wings! 
Nicole Lewis Emily Knows March 23, 2014
Hey Sweets just wanted to see your beautiful face today you are always on my mind I love you Amyyyyyy! 
Nicole lewis Amy knows July 26, 2013
Hey boo always thinking of you! Kisses and hugs on this day Not a day goes by that your not in my heart or mind Love you TInka! 
ila davis Sweet Emily July 21, 2013
All I can say sweetheart is I am grieved at your suffering and the evil that you lived through. The love in my heart is overflowing for you as I look at your sweet face. You are beautiful. Rest assured that God is returning with you by His side to repay the evil that works in this world..once and for all and you will then have Joy more pain no more tears. I pray I can stay without offense so I might spend eternity with you sweetheart. Rest from your work the still waters till the Mighty Day of the Lord. Kisses to you from the depth of my Spirit..<3
Toni Walker-Coleman GOD"S Perfect Angel June 28, 2013

My heart is so heavy, this tragidy is the worst of its kind but I know where you are. I can not begin to imagin the hurt and pain that was bestowed upon you. The pain of knowing the one person that should have protected you let this happen. As I  struggle with my feelings of forgiveness I do not know if I can forgive. I do not know you personally, I love you, I feel for you, and I am so angry that this happened.

Preciouse angle I know beyond a doubt that you are smiling and happy and hopefully the memory of your past life no longer exist in your mind. OOH God please rid the world of these monsterouse people that hurt harmless children In Jesus name I pray.

To the person who created this sight, GOD's many  blessing be upon you. Thank you for your love and devotion to AMY
Tobi Gbadamosi God's little princess May 27, 2013
It is very hard to say this to a very young and beautiful girl like you but Rest In Peace. You are a very strong and beautiful girl.

 Rest in Peace You are gone but not forgotten
Minister Woods Rest Angel May 22, 2013
Rest my little angel as now there is no more pain and sorrow. Jesus has her now and Amy has love and joy unspeakable. Rest my baby rest .  

Deiidra Sweet Little Angel... April 21, 2013
I could hardly stand to read thru the story of what happened to you but if you lived thru it...I could do you the favor of listening!

Beautiful little baby, I'm so sorry that you had to endure so much pain in your short life! I'm sorry you never got to grow up and become the gorgeous young lady that I know you would have been! I'm sorry that you had to live amongst the monsters! I'm sorry that you had no one who truly loved you, until you were taken away from the woman who bore you! I'm sorry that you were given back to to the woman who bore you (I refuse to use mother because a mother she was not!!)! I'm sorry that there was no one there who was willing to stand up for you! I'm sorry to God that I have hate in my heart toward the people who hurt you and I want them to burn for your pain!! I'm sorry I had to learn of you from a picture of you in a casket on Facebook!!

I, for the life of me, will never understand how one human being can kill another. It is totally unfathomable to me how someone could hurt and kill a baby!! I hope everyone who was involved in this atrocity, from the people who you were born to down to the neighbors, never have a moments peace!! They don't deserve it! Things like this sometimes make me question God, not his existence, just why he allows things like this to happen...IDK!!

Sweet little angel, R.I.P. in God's arms to never hurt again. I promise you, that I will do my part to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else!

Know that you will always liive in my heart! I'll never forget you Amy Emily!
melody RIP April 17, 2013
Dear Amy, it breaks my heart to read about wjat the world did to you! Im doomed as a mother! Now you are safe pure angel! Love to you. 
Keisha Jus stopped by April 15, 2013
to say rest in peace sweet angel <3
shawndell god bless your little heart April 11, 2013
im in shock words cant explain the way i feel right now, you were just a baby why would someone try to hurt these precious little children that bastard should of been got killed god forgive me and as for you mom she deserved the samething how can you have a little girl and not know whats going on i blame the mother this story really took a toll on me i cant breath or think when u past away little Emily my son was born the next year i cherish my boy and protect him at all times something ur mom should of did but you are in a better place my little angel muahhh god blessCry
cida moreira mais um anjo esta no ceu January 18, 2013

Mais um anjo está no céu, conforto a familia pela perda

Nicole Lewis I love You December 14, 2012
Guess who is thinking of you always..... ME I LOVE YOU Tinka just wanted to kiss you today Muhhhhha! Rest in Heaven Angel!
Nicole Lewis key kay and kiys mom November 20, 2012
HI my baby can you belive im 30 already? smiles I just wanted to give you kisses and hugs today rest in jesus's arms boo i love you!
Nicole Lewis Mom September 25, 2012
Hi baby just stopped in to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH thought of you today!
D'elve Je Veux III I'm Not Afraid Of Monsters Anymore August 4, 2012

"I'm Not Afraid Of Monsters Anymore" 


we have to be quiet

very quiet

or else da monster will hear us…..

Quick- in here

*guiding you into a tent. gives you a flashlight* 

My name is Amy

and I, 4 

robbed of a chance

to even develop a dream of my own

But I ok

No really, I ok 

Me was scared

me was scared for a long time 

but me learned how to be strong

in the midst of all the wrong 

that was being done to me

I still smiled

I still laughed 

I still played with my favorite dolls

and daydreamed about days at the beach

playing in the sand


I think I hear da monster comin’.

But I be ok 

I be ok.

I remember times when I cried

and there was no one to hold me 

time when I was left alone at night 

and no one to feed me

I just rocked 

-like this 

until I fell asleep

until da monster came again

But I ok

I safe 

a room full of dolls 

and up here 

everybody smiles 

So you don’t have to cry no more

Cause I free

I free 

I free

In a place, where da monster 

can no longer get me

and da best thing, I have yet to tell you 

is that, I’m not afraid of monsters any more. 

Little Brown Girl, I remembered you today. I stumbled across your case and was moved to write the below in honor of you. Hope you enjoy

J.K.S Thinking of you April 20, 2012

Not flesh of my flesh,

Nor bone of my bone,

But nevertheless

My very own.

Never forget for a single minute,

You were born not under my heart

But in it.


Rest in Heavenly Peace Emily.

I will never forget.


Nicole Lewis BAby Girl you are free! April 3, 2012
Hey My lil lady bug I am so happy to tell you that your step dad was sentenced to hang for what he did to you! I know that you wouldnt want him to because angels dont participate in any harm but me I am so happy he has to pay for hurting you! Any way just stopped by to say how much i love you its crazy how much i think about you i will never ever stop writing you I love you so muchhhhhhhhh! MUHHHHHAAAA!
Nicole Lewis LOVE January 12, 2012
Hey Tinka,

dont think i have lost my mind its been a long time because ourcomputer has been out of order for almost a year. You know my income so lol well we just got a new one can u belive its 2012? Me and the girls think about you all the time baby girl We love you very much and will never forget you!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU baby girl!
J.K.S Merry Christmas December 25, 2011
December hasn't changed
This town looks the same
They still light their tree in the city square
There's red, white, and green shining everywhere
And I wish you were here
And I wonder......

Is there snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels silent night
I wonder..... what Christmas in Heaven is like

There's a little manger scene
Down on Third and Main
I must've walked right by it a thousand times
But I see it now in a different light
'Cause I know you are there

And I wonder......
Are you kneeling with shepherds before him now
Can you reach out and touch his face
Are you part of that glorious holy night
I wonder..... What Christmas in Heaven is like

Is there snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels silent night
Oh I wonder.... What Christmas in Heaven is like

5 years later, and I continue to carry you in my heart each Christmas.
You are missed, everyday Emily.
Always & Forever.

Rest Peacefully Angel.
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