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Amy Annamunthodo
Born in Trinidad and Tobago
4 years
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Stacey Little angel November 7, 2011
You are safe in the arms of God now.
faye hey sweetie October 13, 2011
 hey little emily just writin to say goodnight and sweet dreams little princess 
Kimberley Sorry September 1, 2011
Sorry Amy I apologize to you as a Trinidadian citizen for this country has failed you my dear. We failed to hear you, save you and protect you. Amy may you rest in peace now away from all who has hurt you. No one will ever hurt you again my dear. I love you may you rest in peace. God please give her the love and care she's never had. Rest in peace you little angel. Your memory will live on forever.
faye ♥Happy Early Birthday♥ May 2, 2011
I know it's a little early but happy birthday sweetie, saturday you would be celebrating your 9th birthday.....enjoy your day angel in heaven !!! gone but not forgotten!!!♥

J.K.S Today March 11, 2011
For some reason, today my mind just keeps turning back to you and I would pause, and remember. But I don't understand why so much today, you keep running through my mind. I wonder if it's because, today, you're flying just a little bit closer to me. Maybe that's it. Maybe today, why I feel this pang of grief, is because you're flying just a little bit closer. I'm glad you are. I'm so afraid that as time passes, people will forget you. I never want that to happen. I want you to be remembered in hearts always, and forever. Even if it is only in mine.

Your name is being called alot as well and not in the way I want it to. When we lose another child to violence, they recall your story. But that shouldn't be. You shouldn't be remembered only when a child is lost. A child shouldn't even be lost. You've been gone almost 5yrs and we as a country are no closer to fixing the problem that is child abuse than we were when you passed.
All these empty promises.

I will always remember you Emily.
You live on in my heart always and forever.
I will always miss you and love you.
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

Fly Angel, You are forever safe.
Nicole Lewis thinking of you! January 31, 2011
Hey baby Sorry it has been so long since i came to see you. thought about you alot today! n e ways here are hugs and kisses from me and the girls! Sleep tight kiss god for me!
Nicole Lewis Love November 13, 2010
Hey Baby just stopping by to show you the Love you never felt I love you i have loved you from the day I first heard about you! I will never forget you ever and when I hugg my kids I think about you every time know that you are loved forever baby girl!
Maria For Emily September 10, 2010
Dear Emily,

I just read your story and saw your beautiful little face and I couldn't help but feel a lump in my throat.  You will forever be in my thoughts and heart, little one.  May you rest in peace.  With love, Maria.
J.K.S 4th Angelversary May 15, 2010

Happy Angelversary my Precious Angel.

Can't believe it's been 4years since you've been in Heaven.

Your story is no more fainter in my mind or heart.

I wish things could have been different Precious Angel.

Rest in Heavenly Peace

J.K.S Early Birthday Wish... May 5, 2010

     I know I won't be able to write on your page for you on your Birthday so I want to write this early.

      It just isn't fair, you should be here. On May 7th, 2010 you should be opening your birthday presents, receiving manys hugs and kisses from loved ones, blowing out candles with your family around you....but above all,


Your life on earth was filled with such pain, that just isn't right.

No child should ever be hurt. No child should ever go through what you did.

But through it all, you have touched so many hearts.

You have changed so many lives. I know you have changed mine.

Through your story, I have learned to

Love More, Worry Less. 

Thank You My Precious Angel.

    The only comfort I have is, that you are celebrating your birthday with Angels that love you. You are safe, that's what matters. Even if many are left with that never ending heartache of what should have been,

You Are Safe.

So on May 7th, enjoy your Birthday Party in Heaven.

Enjoy your Heavenly Party.

Rest in Heavenly Peace.

We love you Angel.

Remember, no matter where I am,

On your Birthday, Always and Forever

I carry your heart with Me (I carry it in my Heart).

Nicole Lewis I love you. April 12, 2010

Just stopped by to say i love you i called the court all the way from the usa baby and that bastard man is still awaiting trail i just want you to know you are loved forever love you very much okay let me go before i cry again im at work n will write to you another day.

Rosalind Betrayal December 30, 2009

Child abuse kills.


What were they thinking?


Although I don't believe in Heaven or God (they don't exist), and believe Christianity is rubbish (but not Christians, unless they're extremists), I know seeing black is better than seeing your parents kill you. It's the ultimate betrayal.


You would think I would be more frantic about this, since I am a never-ending victim of child abuse in all forms with the exception of sexual abuse, but I can keep calm. Just think - why do we kill our children?

Mandyana Concrete Angel December 4, 2009
This is indeed a very sad and emotional story of a helpless child brutalized in the matter in which Amy was... many of us share the sentiments of not being able to help her. Were her neighbours such cowards and fearful of the step dad, that they did nothing to help? not to even mention.. the effort which her mother rendered was totally crap! It is heart wrenching to read about the humiliation! Concrete angel.. She is in a better place.RIP dear one
Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ ~ Hugs and Blessings ~ September 25, 2009






(( Precious Amy ))


Courtney Precious Girl August 26, 2009
You will forever be in my heart and prayers. No more pain sweet girl, no more fear, no one can ever hurt you again. You are surely in the loving protective hugs of God. Be happy now sweet girl, you're free. I bet you have the most beautiful wings of all the angels.
Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Good night princess, Be in Gods arms. August 24, 2009

Wish I could give you a BIG hug goodnight.  Rest in peace precious.  Please give my Gabriel a big hug from me OK?  Sending you my love Angel. 

Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Keeping you in my prayers July 2, 2009

Amy, I hope your having a great time in Heaven,  Nudge Gabe for me

Mom 2~Micheal & Twins (Scatto) ~ Happy 4 th of July, Thinking of you! ~ July 2, 2009

Wendy ^Y^ Kevin Conatty Family Happy 4th of July Hugs Wendy and Sarah July 1, 2009

Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Sending warm hugs to you precious, I love you xo June 26, 2009

Lupe Lopez, mom to ^j^ Gabriel ~ Your in my prayers ~ June 19, 2009


Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Keeping ur candle lit always. June 18, 2009


Hi Precious, Keeping your candle lit always.  May it shine bright on all who keep you close to thoughts and prayers.  I hope that you are having fun in Heaven with all the Angels.  May you always be in God's arms always.  Please give my Gabriel and BIg hug & kiss, and nudge him for me to Ok, lol  Sending you my love always.  R.I.P. Angel. xo

Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Sending warm hugs to you precious June 15, 2009

God Bless You

I seek in prayerful words, dear friend,
My heart's true wish to send you,
That you may know, that far or near,
My loving thoughts attend you.

I cannot find a truer word,
Nor better to address you;
Nor song, nor poem have I heard,
Is sweeter than God bless you!

God bless you! So I've wished you all
Of brightness life possesses;
For can there any joy at all
Be yours unless God blesses?

God bless you! So I breathe a charm
Lest grief's dark night oppress you,
For how can sorrow bring you harm
If 'tis God's way to bless you?

And so, "through all thy days
May shadows touch thee never - "
But this alone - God bless thee -
Then art thou safe forever.

You are safe now in Gods arms precious.  Always keeping you close to thoughts and prayers.  I hope you're playing with my Gabriel.  He loves kids, nudge him for me OK, and tell him I miss him too.  Love you sweet baby. xo

Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Always in my thoughts & prayers June 10, 2009
Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Sending warm hugs to you precious June 2, 2009
OnnaMishun Our Angels February 23, 2009

My heart goes out for the loss of little Emily.  No child should have to endure this.  She will hold a special place in our hearts with all the other little ones in Heaven.  Thank God our angels came home alive.  Unlike Kelsey, their father didn't have to bury them on his return from overseas.  We are blessed.  There are so many more out there who need our voices.  Please, if you are reading this, contact your congressmen.  We are fighting to try and have a children's bill of rights drawn up.  As adults we are afforded these rights.  Children should have rights too.  I encourage you to stand and be their voices.  Just visit our site if you have ideas.  All of them will be read.  Many children have blessed Heaven's halls as angels way too early.  We owe them this.  Please come together and let's do this for our angels.


Rest in Peace little Emily.  You are loved.



Antonia Rendoumi To Emily February 1, 2009

Little angle you were  such a sweet girl.How could anyone do this to you?I wish you were alive because it's such a shame.Really!I cry for you Emily!!!!At least you are safe and you don't fell pain anymore.Kisses:X

erika princess January 21, 2009
i love you emily you are an angel forever i wish you were my daughter i would have protected you from all the badness of our world but you are gone we will miss you emily
Ayesha Miss Emily... December 5, 2008
Dear Emily,
You are an amazing girl. You have shown hope and have shown the right way. If you were my little sister, I would take your pain. You never hard a change to experience growing up, playing with schoolmates, or even taking a test! At times we hate things, but for you I know how hard it was. Please rest now, you can relax...Every crime is punished and everyone who suffers gets even more as a reward. Please rest in peace. You are loved by everyone. You have shown hope and have become a light for those in the same situation.
Ayesha xoxox
Jeni Bedau-Chong an inspiration... result: a mission! October 22, 2008
 I kno that u rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord now. Now its about time that ur death goes unpunished!!! I believe that everything happens for a reason and Emily's death was the most gruesome of all the child abuse cases in T&T and i think it shud serve a purpose to reform the welfare system n put better measures in place for abused children in T&T!!! You stayed strong and endured ur pain n jus like Jesus i believe u were sacrificed to save others... its about time that the government does something and it will only be done by the voices of its citizens! Remember that the dead cant cry out for justice its  the living that must do so for them!!! continuously pray for the justice of all concrete angels in T&T... Akil Chambers, Sean- Luke, Hope Arismandez, many others and our precious Amy Emily Annamunthodo!!! Muah! we are proud of Amy bcuz we kno it is through he there will be a change!
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